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Presenting Harold R. Miller

Harold R. Miller is an author of many talents. His books generally rely on his experiences as a Private Investigator. However, he has written numerous comedic plays, and several screen plays, based on his books.

Mr. Miller, known as 'Hal' to his friends, incorporates his knowledge of sail boat construction, sailing, exotic locals and governmental shenanigans to create entertaining stories that are oddly prophetic. Learn more about Hal and Penn Gwinn on the biography page.

The Penn Gwinn series, The Belize File, The Australian File, The Philippine File and Thai Moon Saloon, are action packed adventures spiced with international intrigue, spies and secret governmental agendas.

Click here to learn more about The Penn Gwinn Series.

Recent additions to the Penn Gwinn series are P.I. Adventures in Belize (8 short action packed stories), Universeros, and Blue Herons.

The Emerald Head Caper is a new series involving three teenagers from California and their international exploits. The Monkey Head Caper is in the works.

For murder, mystery, and who-done-it, Nitwit is the novel for you. The stage version of this comedic adventure has been performed several times.

All of Mr. Miller's multi-plot novels leave a trail of clues leading you to the surprise endings for which he is known. By following the links above, you will be able to read the beginning of these novels.

All of his novels are available as screenplays. Please email for more information.

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