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The San Pedro Sun, Belize

Harold Miller writes "The Belizean File"

With the continued growth of Belize's popularity, its no wonder countless tourists visit and pay mega bucks to get a slice of heaven. With a myriad of articles and magazines about Belize, it gained much more fame from author Harold Miller who wrote a book called "The Belize File".  As luck may have it, it is very rare that the readers get to meet the actual authors of any book. The Sun got a chance to go one on one with this witty character and spoke about his life as a Private Investigator and a more subtle side as an author.

Harold R. Miller is an author of many talents. His books generally rely on his experiences as a Private Investigator. However, he has written numerous comedic plays, and several screenplays, based on his books. Miller incorporates his knowledge of sail boat construction, sailing, exotic locales and governmental shenanigans to create entertaining stories that are oddly prophetic. All of Miller's multi-plot novels leave a trail of clues leading you to the surprise endings for which he is known. With 6 books under his belt, Miller states he writes for fun and in his series of books, it focuses on a progression of the protagonist's life based on case files he did. Miller added "I've had several great experiences in Belize and all around the world. But this country is unique and I decided on an action adventure novel and used Belize as the focal point." The tag line for "The Belize File" is "Murder and Betrayal in Paradise", which speaks for itself.

In this book, protagonist Penn Gwinn, a private investigator based in San Rafael, California, was hired to find a friend's daughter missing on her honeymoon. The investigation takes Penn Gwinn to Belize, where the manipulations of greedy government agents are revealed. He unwittingly discovers the weaknesses of the U.S. government's poorly managed, doomed to failure, war on drugs. This exciting, fast paced tale resolves the story's three plots with a surprise twist that has become the author's trademark.

The Penn Gwinn series include; The Belize File, The Australian File, The Philippine Chase and Thai Moon Saloon, are action packed adventures spiced with international intrigue, spies and secret governmental agendas. The Emerald Head Caper which happened to be his favorite, is a new series involving three teenagers from California and their international exploits. With his tongue in cheek humor and fun to read books it's no wonder Miller has received much credibility for his writing.

The book is available at Amazon.com. Miller has been a regular visitor of Belize since 1987 and had since developed a love for the country, thus making it the focal point of one of his books. With respect and much recognition, we applaud his work.

Interview by Maria Novelo, staff reporter
The San Pedro Sun
P.O. Box 35
Ambergris Caye, Belize
Central America
Fax 510-226-2905

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